1.1 A student who registers for more than two full courses or four half courses is enrolled as a full-time student.

1.2 A student who registers for two or less than two courses is enrolled as a part-time student.  A student who needs two or less than two courses to complete her/his degree programme will register as part-time student.

1.3 A student who is prevented, for instance, by reasons of employment situation, or by the limitation on the number of full time students, from attending courses at the University Campus may apply to register through the Institute of Distance Education in order to follow courses offered at distance education in the School’s degree programme.

1.4 A student who is enrolled as a full-time student in the University of Zambia, or who is enrolled as a student in any other university, college or institution of tertiary education may not enroll in the University for study by distance education.

1.5 Courses in such programmes as Mass Communication, Psychology and Social Work contain a high proportion of practical, laboratory or fieldwork activities; they therefore cannot be offered by distance education.