Welcome to the Department of Social Work and Sociology. The Department of Social Work and Sociology is one of the oldest departments in the University and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is as old as the University of Zambia itself. It was established as the Department of Social Development Studies, offering three fields of study namely Demography, Social Work and Sociology. It was renamed ‘Department of Social and Sociology’ when Demography was transformed into a department.
Our flagship programmes at the undergraduate level are the Bachelor of Social Work and the Bachelor of Sociology. The Bachelor of Social Work is a four year Degree programme which aims to produce a cadre of high caliber professionals with an all-round perspective of development problems and tools for analysis who are going to practice as direct service providers, social service planners and managers, policy analysts and researchers. The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology programme aims to equip its graduates with an awareness of their society and its problems as well as ways in which to resolve such problems and hence enabling them to be innovative leader as managers, service providers, planners, policy analysts or researchers in a rapidly changing world.