SERPELL, R. (Prof)

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Psychology Department

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Zambia

Box 32379, Lusaka


Research interests:
Cognitive development, intelligence and literacy in cultural context; cross-cultural communication; family socialisation beliefs and practices, educational practices and policies; assessment methods.

Selected publications:

Serpell, R. (1976) Culture's influence on behaviour. London: Methuen. (144 ps.)
(Translations of this book were published in 1977-78 in Finnish, Hungarian, Portuguese, SerboCroatian and Spanish.)

Serpell, R. (1982). Measures of perception, skills, and intelligence: the growth of a new perspective on children in a Third World country.  In W.W. Hartup (ed.), Review of Child Development Research, Vol. 6 (pp. 392-440). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Serpell, R. (1984) Mobilizing local resources in Africa for persons with learning difficulties or mental handicap. (Report on a workshop held in Nairobi, November 1982.)  Oslo:  NFPU & Brussels: ILSMH.

Serpell, R., Zaman, S.S., Huq, S., Ferial, S., Silveira, M.L.M., Dias, S., de Campos, A.L.R., Narayanan, H.S., Rao, P.M., Thorburn, M.J., Halim, A.J., Shrestha, D.M., Hasan, Z.M., Tareen, K.I., Qureshi, A.A. & Nikapota, A.D. (1988) Assessment criteria for severe intellectual disability in various cultural settings. International Journal of Behavioural Development, 11 (1), 117-144.

Serpell, R., Nabuzoka, D. &  Lesi, F. (Eds.) (1989) Early intervention, developmental disability and mental handicap in Africa (Proceedings of subregional workshop held in Lusaka, June 1987 at the University of Zambia). Lusaka: University of Zambia/UNICEF.

Serpell, R. (1993). The significance of schooling: life-journeys in an African society. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Serpell, R., Mariga, L. & Harvey, K. (1993) Mental retardation in African countries: conceptualization, services, and research. International Review of Research in Mental Retardation, 19, 1-39.