6.3.1 Absence from the University, where it involves missing lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratory work, practical work and/or tests may only be taken with permission from the Dean of the School.

6.3.2 A detailed application for leave of absence to attend a conference, etc. must be submitted at least two weeks in advance, to the Dean of the School.

6.3.3 Except with the special permission of the Senate, a full-time student will not be admitted to the examination for the courses in which she\he is registered if she/he has been absent from the University and/or has missed classes for more than three weeks during the academic year.


6.4.1 The Board of Studies may, with good cause, recommend to the Senate to modify the above regulations to meet the special circumstances of a student.  A request for special consideration shall be made by a petition to the Board of Studies.

6.4.2 A petition to the Board of Studies shall normally be addressed to the Dean of the School and shall be submitted in writing at least 10 days prior to the meeting of the Board of Studies at which the petition is to be considered.

6.4.3 A student shall have the right of appeal to the Senate in respect of the examination grades and degree classification he has been awarded.  Such appeal should be lodged in writing to the Chairman of the Senate within twenty-one days of the official publication of the examination results.

6.4.4 A student who has been debarred from an examination or excluded from a course under clauses 5.2 (i) and (ii), 6.1.1,, and 6.2.8 above shall have the right of appeal to the Senate.  Such appeal shall be in writing through the Dean of the School.  The appeal must be submitted within 14 days of the student being informed of the decision to debar or withdraw her/him.