6.2.1 A student pursuing studies for a degree, diploma or certificate who wishes to terminate her/his studies shall give notice in writing to the Dean of the School of her/his intention to discontinue her/his studies.  If the Dean of the School, after investigating the circumstances, is satisfied that the reason for the withdrawal of the student are genuine, she/he shall inform the student in writing that the student has been granted permission to withdraw from her/his studies. Only duly registered students are eligible to apply for permission to withdraw from studies.

6.2.2 A student who believes she/he has good reasons for withdrawing either temporarily or permanently from the University should consult the Dean of the School, who will inform her/him whether or not she/he is eligible for subsequent re-admission, and if so, whether conditionally or unconditionally. A student who has withdrawn with permission cannot be readmitted in the same academic year and he or she will have to spend at least one academic year               before he or she can apply to resume studies.

6.2.3 Any student who has withdrawn from studies under the above mentioned clause, may apply for re-admission to the discontinued studies and the Senate if it thinks fit and subject to any requirements under the General Academic Regulations, may authorise the re-admission of that student subject to any such condition as it thinks fit including without limiting the generality of the foregoing conditions that she/he repeats and passes in such courses as she/he has already taken as the Senate may specify.

6.2.4 When a student withdraws from her/his first year in the University within two weeks of the commencement lectures in the first half, she/he shall be regarded as a new entrant should she/he wish to apply for admission in some future session.

6.2.5 A student who wishes to interrupt her/his course of study shall seek and obtain leave of absence from the Dean of the School.  A student interrupting a course of study without leave of absence may be excluded by the Senate on the recommendation of the appropriate Board of Studies.

6.2.6 No result shall be recorded in a course from which a student withdraws within three weeks (six weeks in the case of a distance education student) of the commencement of the course.  A student who, without permission, withdraws from a course after three weeks of the commencement of the course shall be recorded as having obtained the *WD grade” unless granted prior written permission by the Dean of the School, in which case the non-failing grade “WP” (Withdrawn with Permission) shall be recorded.

6.2.7 A student who without permission withdraws herself/himself from all courses for which she/he is registered will have the failing grade of “LT” entered on her\his record against his record for that year.  Except with the express permission of the Senate such student is debarred from further studies in any School of the University.

6.2.8 On the recommendation of the Head of Department, the Board of Studies, or the Dean acting on its behalf, may withdraw a student from a course during the academic year on the grounds of her/his failure to fulfil the compulsory class attendance, fieldwork, practical work, and/or written requirements of the course as specified by the Head of Department, or to attend residential school for a distance education student. A student may also be withdrawn on the grounds of unsatisfactory academic progress. The failing grade “D” will be entered on the student’s record for that course.

6.2.9 A student may seek permission from the Dean to withdraw from studies on medical grounds at any time during the academic year. Medical evidence must be submitted from the University clinic or a recognised government health facility to support the application for permission to withdraw on medical grounds.