6.1.8 EXAMINATION FAILURE AND EXCLUSION FROM COURSES No result shall be recorded in a course from which a student withdraws within six weeks of the commencement of the course.  A student who withdraws from a course after this date or who does not present herself\himself for the examination of a course shall be recorded as having failed in the course concerned unless given written permission by the Dean of the School to withdraw. A student may be excluded from a course during the academic year on the ground of her/his failure to fulfill the compulsory class attendance, fieldwork, practical work, or written requirements of the course. A student who has failed a course on two occasions may not re-enrol in that course without the special permission of the Senate. A student who had failed the sessional examination in a course but had obtained a grade of at least C+ in her/his continuous assessment may apply to take only the examination in that course at the end of the subsequent academic year without repeating the course. Such application shall be made to the Dean of the School not later than the day on which lectures commence in the new academic year.

* A student who does not pass, as a full-time student, at least three    courses in a year shall be excluded and, shall be ineligible for registration with the special permission of the Senate. A candidate who has incurred failures in a total of five courses shall be excluded from re-registration in the school and shall not be allowed to re-register without the approval of the Senate.