Master of Arts Development Studies

To qualify for admission to the Master of Arts Development Studies programme, a candidate must:
Have a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies or related discipline with a credit, or better, from the University of Zambia or any other recognised university;

Courses Offered:

DEV 5000: Research Methods in Development Studies (core)
DEV 5011: Advanced Development Thinking (core)
DEV 5021: International Political Economy and development (core)
DEV 5131: Agrarian Change and Rural Development (core)
DEV 5012: Political Economy of Contemporary Zambian Society (core)
DEV 5132: Environment, Growth and Sustainable Development (core)
DEV 5142: Civil Society, Governance and Development (elective)
DEV 5122: Project Management (elective)
Requirements for the programme: DEV 5000, DEV 5021, DEV 5131, DEV 5012, DEV 5132 plus any one of the following: DEV 5142, DEV 5122