Master of Arts in Philosophy

To qualify for admission to the Master of Arts in Philosophy, a candidate must:
Have a Bachelor of Arts degree with major in Philosophy with a credit, or better, from the University of Zambia or any other recognised university;

Courses Offered:

PHL 5015 Biomedical Ethics
PHL 5021 Wittgenstein, Logic and Language
PHL 5025 Ethics and the Environment
PHL 5035 African Philosophical Thought
PHL 5045 Political Philosophical Perspectives
PHL 5055 Reason and religious Belief
PHL 5062 Ethics and its Applications
PHL 5075 New Philosophy of Social Science
PHL 5085 Lonergan: Knowledge, Reality and Morality
PHL 5095 Aesthetics
PHL 5002 Research Methodology
PHL 5105 Modem Logic
PHL 5115 Contemporary Epistemology
PHL 5125 Advanced Metaphysics
PHL 5135 Existentialism and Phenomenology
PHL 5061 Key Issues in Medical Ethics
PHL 5052 Major Issues in Environment Ethics
PHL 5062 Current problems of Bioethics
PHL 5072 Methods of Ethical Research
PHL 6000 Dissertation