Master of Mass Communication

1. A Bachelor‟s degree in Mass Communication or equivalent field with credit or better.
2. A Bachelor‟s degree in any other discipline plus considerable experience in journalism.

Courses Offered:
MMC 5011: Communication Research Methodology
MMC 5012: Communication Research Statistics
MMC 5055: Advanced Newspaper Editing and Make-up
MMC 5065: Advanced Broadcast Production
MMC 5120 : International Relations and Communication
MMC 5310: Communication Theory and Process
MMC 5242: Communication Policy and Planning
MMC 5111: Communication for Peace and Conflict Resolution
MMC 5311: Media Ethics, Principles and Practice
MMC 5312: Media Law, Principles and Practice
MCN 6000: Dissertation Writing
Requirements for the programme: MMC 5001, MMC 5002, MMC 5120, MCS 5310, MMC 6000 plus any one course from the following: MMC 5055, MMC 5065, MMC 5111, MMC 5242

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mass Communication Programme
MMC 7000 Thesis Writing

Master of Communication for Development
To qualify for admission to the Master of Communication for Development programme a candidate must have:
(i). A Bachelor‟s degree in any discipline; or
(ii). A diploma from a recognised college or institute of higher learning plus experience in development-oriented work.
The Master‟s programme will take eighteen months; one year of course work and six months of industrial attachment.

Courses Offered:
MMC 5011 Communication Research Methodology
MMC 5012 Communication Research Statistics
MCD 5110 Development, Communication of Innovation and Change
MCD 5250 Communication Strategies, Skills and Community Mobilisation
MCD 5270 Contemporary Issues in Communication for Change
MCD 5120 Media Production
MCD 5310 Communication Theory and Process
MCD 5330 Leadership and Communication Skills
MCD 6533 Attachment and Report Writing
Requirements for the programme: MMC 5001, MMC 5002, MCD 5110, MCD 5310,
MCD 6533