Master of Arts in Economics


To qualify for admission to the Master of Arts in Economics programme, a candidate must:
Have a Bachelor of Arts degree with major in Economics with a credit, or better, from the University of Zambia or any other recognised university;

Courses Offered

ECN 5015 Advanced Micro-economic Theory
ECN 5025 Advanced Macro-economic Theory
ECN 5201 Mathematical Techniques and Programming
ECN 5101 Statistics for Economics
ECN 5302 Econometrics
ECN 5600 Research Methods in Economics
ECN 5412 International Trade Theory and Policy
ECN 5422 Environmental Economics
ECN 5432 Public Sector Economics
ECN 5442 Health Economics
ECN 5452 Agricultural Economics
ECN 5462 Transport Economics
ECN 5472 Industrial Economics
ECN 5512 International Finance
ECN 5522 Monetary Economics
ECN 5242 Financial Economics
ECN 5532 Policy Analysis and Economic Management
Requirements for the programme: ECN 5015, ECN 5025, ECN 5201, ECN 5101,
ECN 5302, ECN 5600 plus any three courses from the following:
ECN 5412, ECN 5422, ECN 5432, ECN 5442, ECN 5452, ECN 5462,
ECN 5472, ECN 5512, ECN 5522, ECN 5242, ECN 5532